My Adventures With Superman Keys in Major Kingdom Hearts Reference

My Adventures With Superman has released a multiverse adventures that shockingly ties into the Kingdom Come Universe.

My Adventures With Superman has an animated intro that had many fans thinking of the anime world as MAX introduced a new take on the Man of Steel and his fellow denizens of Metropolis. With franchises such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gurren Lagann, and My Hero Academia being mentioned in the same breath as the new series, it would seem that a major video game franchise has received similar treatment. Thanks to the arrival of Mr. Myxyzptlk, it would seem that the universe of Kingdom Hearts got a nod in this recent episode.

Throughout this new take on one of DC Comics' most popular characters, the world of Metropolis has been re-imagined for a new generation. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the fifth-dimensional imp known as Myxyzptlk received a brand-new design as well. With Myx making his way to the world of Clark, Lois, and Jimmy, Superman is tricked into helping the villain while Jimmy and Lois deal with a unique problem of their own. Approached by the "Council of Loises", a multiverse assembly of Lois Lane from different realities and the star reporter of the Daily Planet from a different world seems to be sporting a Key Blade. 

Lois Lane: Key Blade Wielder

The Lois Lane of My Adventures With Superman discovers the Lois of Earth-24. The Lois of this Earth was able to win the key to Metropolis at the age of 19, causing the well-known Lois to feel a bit self-conscious. Earth-24's resident reporter just so happens to not only be sporting what looks to be a Key Blade but also wearing some familiar attire that looks as though it has been taken from Sora of Kingdom Hearts fame.

(Photo: Warner Bros Discovery)

While we didn't see Sora, or any Disney/Square Enix characters, appear in the recent episode, we also were given quite a few Easter Eggs when it comes to the DC Universe. Numerous Supermen and Lois Lanes, and even variants of Jimmy Olsen, were featured but the inclusion of the multiverse showed Lois a dark secret. The multiverse is also chock full of evil Supermen that might throw a major wrench into the romantic relationship that was slowly forming between Lois and Clark.

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