My Hero Academia Creator Revisits a Throwback Hero Just to Kill Them

My Hero Academia may not have hit 300 chapters yet, but its creator is working the plot as if it [...]

My Hero Academia may not have hit 300 chapters yet, but its creator is working the plot as if it were as long as One Piece. Kohei Horikoshi has a definite eye for details, so fans are always on the look for throwback references and easter eggs. So when chapter 273 of My Hero Academia went live, fans were surprised when a certain someone showed up as the worst possible time.

Over on Reddit, the user /is _mayo_instrument pointed out the detail to anyone who missed it. The recent chapter followed Endeavor as he began his fight with Shigaraki, but the latter wasn't the only villain on the loose. Toga is reeling from the death of Twice, and she has made it a mission to kill any pro who she sees.

Of course, with so much blood on the field, Toga is able to do just about any transformation. She turned into an unnamed hero with a striped skin-tight suit, and her cover is blown after she made killing blow against a hero who fans met once before. It turns out the hero in question briefly appeared when Endeavor took on High-End, so that is a definitely blast from the past.

Haven't seen anyone pointing it out, but random hero from Endeavor vs High-End arc makes a cameo appearance in Ch. 273 from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

The anime may have just finished that fated fight, but the My Hero Academia manga is way ahead of that battle. Endeavor has bigger things to worry about than upgraded Nomu, and the Number One hero has surely inspired other Pros to give it their all in this raid. There is no doubt the nameless hero who watched the High-End battle was inspired, so it is sad to see him take a deadly blow out of nowhere. Toga was able to slice across the hero's neck thanks to her disguise, and she did not stop until several other Pro Heroes sustained lethal injuries. And in the face of Twice's death, the vixen is not going to stop her blood spree for quite some time.

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