My Hero Academia May Have Just Put All Might in Grave Danger

My Hero Academia is making some big things happen in the current 'Paranormal Liberation War' arc, [...]

My Hero Academia is making some big things happen in the current "Paranormal Liberation War" arc, which is certainly living up to its name. It's do-or-die time for the pro hero world, as they collide with the League of Villains' new Paranormal Liberation Front army. This chaos is the vision of All For One finally coming to fruition, as his successor Tomura Shigaraki has re-awakened as the most powerful villain and All For One quirk wielder, ever. And, in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, a turn of events has now planted a potentially huge death flag, right on All Might's back.

Warning My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 274 SPOILERS Follow!

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia set the stage for Shigaraki to battle Endeavor - but that turned out to be a red herring. Plus Ultra Shigaraki's battle with Endeavor is a brief one, as the young villain is quickly overtaken by the insatiable hunger of the All For One power, to consume its One For All counterpart.

Back in My Hero Academia's Battle of Kamino arc, we saw All For One siphon the "Search" quirk of pro hero Rag Doll, of the Wild, Wild Pussycats team. With All For One's set of power now at his disposal, Shigaraki has easy means of tracking down the One For All power and obtaining it. With the villain in hot pursuit, we see Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo brace for the tag-team battle of their lives, as they both know Deku is the target that Shigaraki is hunting down.

...Or is he?

My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi has already thrown quite a bit of misdirection into this "Paranormal Liberation War" arc - it's wise to remember that, right about now. We've seen the visual depiction of Shigaraki using "Search" and spotting the One For All power in the distance, but we have no real confirmation yet that it is, in fact, Deku and not All Might Shigaraki will reach first. Even if Deku is the target, it will be a game-changing twist in the series if Shigaraki's Search reveals that One For All exists inside of two wielders: Deku and All Might.

My Hero Academia Manga 274 Shigaraki Uses Search Quirk
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

However, that scenario plays out, this plotline of Shigaraki tracking down One For All seems like a big, waving, death flag for My Hero Academia's Symbol of peace. We saw this coming in the prelude to the war, in an ominous scene where All Might/Toshinori Yagi pours his heart out to Eraser Head about the full life he's now committed to leading. We knew right then: All Might, you in danger, boy!

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.