My Hero Academia May Have a Truth Bomb Coming for Endeavor

My Hero Academia's big war has placed Endeavor face to face with the new Tomura Shigaraki, and it [...]

My Hero Academia's big war has placed Endeavor face to face with the new Tomura Shigaraki, and it seems like he will be having a huge truth bomb coming his way soon. Now that Shigaraki has officially taken his place as All For One successor and has inherited his former master's power completely, fans of the series have been clued into some of the smaller details behind All For One and One For All's true connection. But the more we find out about these quirks, the closer that the secret behind gets out.

As Endeavor now brings him up against Shigaraki, the villain has begun muttering about a desire he feels toward claiming One For All for himself. While he begins to think about claiming this power for himself, he says "One For All" right in front of Endeavor -- and now Endeavor knows the name of something Shigaraki is seeking after.

Although this isn't quite huge enough for Endeavor to connect the dots toward All Might's former power just yet, the fact that now he knows about One For All as a term means he will continue to dig further into this idea. Making matters even stranger for Endeavor's eyes is the fact that Izuku Midoriya suddenly contacted him moments after hearing about this term.

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As we see Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo head off by themselves, Midoriya contacts Endeavor and claims that Shigaraki is going to be after him specifically. This will undoubtedly surprise Endeavor and there's a good chance that he will connect the dots between Deku and this mysterious One For All that he just heard about. This could mean that Endeavor not only is on the verge of figuring out the secret of this power, but what that power actually means for his own life.

Now that he's been in the midst of trying to become a better hero and a better father, he's also trying to get beyond what he felt about All Might for all these years. What will it mean for Endeavor to find out that All Might was using a power that wasn't his own all this time? What do you think?

Is Endeavor on the verge of figuring out One For All's secret thanks to Shigaraki? Is there a chance that he will figure out All Might had this power as well? How will the rest of the battle go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!