My Hero Academia Reveals All For One's Master Trap

My Hero Academia has revealed All For One's master trap, and it's one that could spell doom for [...]

My Hero Academia has revealed All For One's master trap, and it's one that could spell doom for Izuku Midoriya and some of the top pro heroes fighting by his side! All For One sprung his trap in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, which is quickly coming to the final arc (and final battle) of the series. Deku is in a desperate race to master all his new One For All powers and hunt down All For One, before the villain leader can fully takeover the body of Tomura Shigaraki, giving him the power he needs to finally steal One For All for himself.

Warning: My Hero Academia manga SPOILERS Follow!

In My Hero Academia chapter 316, Izuku is still in shock from his battle with elite sniper Lady Nagant, who was turned into a human bomb by All For One, and nearly took Deku out. Nagant still clings to life (thanks for a speedy save by Hawks), and thanks to Izuku's heroic idealism, her assassin cynicism is broken, and she manages to provide the heroes with a key piece of intelligence: the location where she was supposed to take Deku, once she captured him.

The place where All For One is supposedly hiding out is a mansion in Haibori Woods. Deku gathers a squad of top pro heroes, which includes Endeavor, Best Jeanist, Mt. Lady, Edgeshot, and Kamui Woods. The group tries to launch another sneak attack on the villain stronghold - an effort which cost them much but ultimately succeeded during the War Arc. However, All For One isn't the same kind of quarry as Shigaraki and Dr. Garaki - something that Izuku learns to his horror.

The Haibori Woods location turns out to be another trap. The mansion is empty, but All For One has left a trolling message for Deku and his companions:

"You see, I love predicting and reading people," All For One says in his message. "And a boy like you could never outright abandon someone like [Nagant] yes?... The path you've chosen is a thorny one... Can you guess who was on my mind the entire time I was in jail? You. All Might no longer interests me. I've moved on from that great useless oaf. Now It's your turn!"

With that last line, All For One triggers an explosion that blows up the entire mansion, with Deku and the pro heroes seemingly caught inside.

My Hero Academia 316 Spoilers All For One Trap Bomb

Now there's a number of ways that the Izuku and his hero comrades can survive this explosion. First of all, Deku's new One For All powers allows him access to quirks that could save their skin. That includes the power/speed bursts of "Fa Jin" from OFA's Third user - or whatever quirk the Second User has yet to unveil. Besides that, there's Endeavor, who could conceivably absorb the brunt of the explosion himself.

Of course, even if some of the main characters survive, this All For One trap could just as easily claim the lives of a few more supporting pro hero characters, just like the War Arc did.

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