My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Aizawa's Terrifying Reunion

My Hero Academia is not taking it easy on sensei Aizawa on any front right now! At the same time the My Hero Academia Season 6 anime dropped an episode about Aizawa's life-changing battle against Tomura Shigaraki, the My Hero Academia manga has brought a new threat Aizawa's way, in the form of a terrifying reunion he was never expecting! As My Hero Academia continues checking boxes off in his Final War Arc finale, it seems we are about to plunge into some final resolution on one of the series' big subplot storylines!


My Hero Academia Chapter 374 continues to dire turn in the war, as the villains seem to be finally gaining the upper hand. All Might's divide-and-conquer strategy is indeed undone by All For One's secret side mission, to have Spinner finally free Kurogiri from his holding cell. Despite the best efforts of Present Mic (Hizashi Yamada), Spinner managed to deliver All For One's secret activation signal to Kurogiri, bringing the High-End Nomu back to "life" and causing him to open some new warp gates that are rearranging the battlefield in some terrifying ways. 

While Endeavor finally has to face the hellish nightmare of his son Toya (aka Dabi), Kurogiri curiously brings himself and Present Mic to the aerial battlefield where Aizawa is helping Monoma mimic his Erasure quirk and keep Shigaraki decay powers at bay. One of the final panels of My Hero Academia Chapter 374 spells out the dread that Aizawa has upon seeing Kurogiri's portal open behind him – and the Nomu's teleporter's reason for doing so could spell a pivotal turn in this battle! 


As has been revealed in both the My Hero Academia anime and manga (so its safe to talk about now!) Kurogiri was built from the remains of Oboro Shirakumo. That boy ("Loud Cloud") was the best friend of both Eraser Head and Present Mic, when the trio became inseparable buddies during their days at U.A. High School. Shirakumo was killed by a villain during the boys' term in Hero Work-Studies – a sobering lesson to Aizawa, Hizashi, and their entire class about how real the hero profession was.  

 Things have gone unsettled since Aizawa and Hizashi learned of what All For One and Dr. Garaki did to Oboro's remains – but it definitely looks as though it will be settled now. Kurogiri is now on the battlefield with Eraser Head, Present Mic, The Big 3, Izuku Midoriya and Shigaraki. All those stories about friendships, death, and loss of identity for both Shigaraki and Kurogiri are now colliding. A major turn could come down to what Kurogiri/Shirakumo now defines as "friendship": the loyal friends he loved in life, or the master he's served and protected (Shigaraki) in his undead life. 

...And that's just on ONE of the fronts where the final battle(s) are about to go down 

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