My Hero Academia Takes Down Major Hero With Gruesome Injury

My Hero Academia's sixth season has reached a major turning point in the fight against Tomura Shigaraki, and the newest episode has given one of the major heroes a gruesome injury! It's been a pretty rough season for the heroes overall as after they were able to catch the Paranormal Liberation Front by surprise with a raid on their base and Jaku Hospital, things have gotten much worse now that Tomura Shigaraki has officially entered the fight. But Shota Aizawa has played a key role on keeping the villain from using all of the new quirks he now has in his body thanks to All For One.  

The previous episodes have shown just how powerful Shigaraki could be even without the use of his new quirks, but he's also gotten tired of being held back by Aizawa's Erasure. The previous cliffhanger saw him using his lone deleter bullet to strike Aizawa and almost erase the hero's quirk completely, but the newest episode reveals that while Aizawa was able to save his quirk...he ended up taking a much worse slate of injuries as a result of his trying to save himself. 

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Episode 122 of My Hero Academia picks up right after Aizawa was hit with the deleter round, and he thinks about his students for a brief moment before making a quick decision. Resolving himself to do what's necessary, he quickly cuts off his foot at the ankle to make sure that the deleter round doesn't spread to the rest of his body after it hits. It likely saves his quirk overall, but Shigaraki uses the brief window afforded him to do some real damage after. 

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When Aizawa looks away from a moment to react to the pain, Shigaraki's quirks activate just enough that allow him to quickly reach Aizawa's face and grab a hold of it. Shoto and Izuku are able to save their teacher, but it's not before Shigaraki claws into Aizawa's face and closes his eyes for the rest of the battle. Now Shigaraki's able to use the full slate of his quirks once more, and the heroes have lost a key player to injury for now. 

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