My Hero Academia Goes Full Villain Jailbreak with Latest Chapter

My Hero Academia's War Arc ended with the reveal that the series villain All For One isn't taking [...]

My Hero Academia's War Arc ended with the reveal that the series villain All For One isn't taking any breaks to regroup and recoup his strength before launching his next campaign. My Hero Academia's latest manga chapter proves that All For One is true to his word. The villain leader has full control of Shigaraki's body and gathers together a horde of Intelligent Nomu, in order to launch an ambitious attack on the Tartarus Prison where his physical body is being held. The entire chapter unfolds as an epic prison break action sequence, which shows why Tartarus Prison has earned its name!

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 297 SPOILERS Follow!

As stated, All For One is piloting Tomura Shigaraki's body through the AFO power they both share. Shigaraki's powers and body were greatly enhanced before the war, but the toll of battle has left Shigaraki nearly drained of power, and struggling to hold his body together. Regardless, All For One pushes the attack on the prison.

However, Tartarus hasn't been able to All For One and other major League of Villains members, associates (or just general evildoers) for years, without good measures. The entire facility is a fortress, able to seal off the floors all the way down to the deep subterranean level where All For One is being held. There are bridges that are lowered to prevent access; deadly drone fleets to take out the Nomu; with an army of battle mechs and guards to fight against the villains. It truly is like the hellish realm from the Greek myth where evildoers go: it's impossible to break or break out. But as All For One eventually realized, it's not impossible to do both at once!

All For One brings back some familiar selections from his array of stolen quirks. He puts out an EMP signal to disable the prison electronics - but he also sends out some kind of mental signal to the villains in the prison, linking them in a shared awareness, for a fully coordinated attack both inside and outside the prison, at once.

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 297 Spoilers All For One Prison Break
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League of Villains Vanguard Action Squad members Muscular, Moonfish, and Mr. Compress all jump into action to aid All For One and succeed in getting him free. The chapter ends with All For One's original body and meeting up with Shiagraki's body outside the prison, ready to write the next chapter of his dark story: becoming the "Greatest Demon Lord of all!" Whatever that means.

My Hero Academia is in production on season 5 of the anime. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.