My Hero Academia Spooks Izuku in the Manga's Tensest Cliffhanger Yet

My Hero Academia's "Paranormal Liberation War" arc has lived up to its name. The war between the Pro Heroes and Paranormal Liberation Front villain army has uncovered some dire new threats - such as a new line of highly-powered and intelligent Nomu beasts, and a power-boosted Tomura Shigaraki. In fact, in Shigaraki's case, we took inside the mind of the League of Villains leader, to see him embrace the dark power of All For One, which has been bestowed upon him. Thanks to mad scientist Dr. Ujiko, an all-powerful Shigaraki is about to step onto the battlefield - and Izuku Midoriya knows that the fight of his life is about to begin!

Warning My Hero Academia manga chapter 270 SPOILERS Follow!

The entire opening battle of the Paranormal Liberation War has seen the combined team of the top-ranked pro heroes, cops, and Class 1-A students, launch a critical surprise attack on the lab of All For One's longtime disciple Dr. Ujiko. Ujiko (aka Garaki) has been secretly cooking up his new army of enhanced intelligent Nomu, as well as boosting Tomura Shigaraki's massive new powers. It costs the cops and heroes their fair share of blood and sweat, but they've managed to reach the inner sanctum of Ujiko's lab, and take out Shigraki's stasis tube.

However, in chapter 270 of My Hero Academia's manga, we learn that Tomura Shigaraki is nowhere near as dead as was hoped. In fact, a vision in Shigaraki's mind sees him finally reject all the good influences of his past, and finally give himself over to to his master All For One, and the power he was named for.

My Hero Academia Manga 270 Cliffhanger Ending Deku vs Shigaraki
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

As Shigaraki starts waking up from his catatonic state, My Hero Academia ends on a cliffhanger scene that catches us up with Izuku Midoriya outside Ujiko's lab, where something truly strange starts happening with his One For All powers. Deku and his U.A. classmates have been outside on crowd control, but once again the One For All power calls out to Izuku, stopping him in his tracks. And the power has one clear, repeated warning for Deku: "He's coming. He's coming!"


The connection between One For All and All For One (and the mysterious story of the two brothers who originated the powers) has always been at the core of My Hero Academia's mythos. The lead-in to the Paranormal Liberation War has revealed a shocking amount of new info about both powers - and their true combined potential. Now it looks like summer 2020 is going to heat up for My Hero Academia fans in a serious way, as the Deku vs. Shigaraki battle they've always waited for is about to go down!

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.