My Hero Academia Introduces the New User of One For All

My Hero Academia fans have been trying to figure out what endgame All For One has for Shigaraki, and it all came to a head when they recently learned which quirk the boy's mentor passed to him. The stunning move was made in the latest issue of Shonen Jump as Kohei Horikoshi laid out one of his best chapters yet. The pivotal release followed Shigaraki as he fully embraced his master's will... and that meant taking one of the man's best quirks.

So we want to be clear that there are major spoilers below! If you are not caught up with My Hero Academia's manga, you will want to be careful. We are diving into spoilers for chapter 270 below!


For those caught up with the manga, you will know how the tense moment goes down. Shigaraki is seen in this chapter experiencing a moment in his consciousness as Doctor Garaki's power boost continues to kick in. Within his mind, Shigaraki is seen turning down his family for All For One, but it is the doctor who confirms what is going on.

After all, Shigaraki has inherited One For All in its entirety, and the power gives him the ability to truly reshape the world in his ugly vision.

"[All For One] foresaw his downfall and entrusted all he had to his successor. He even chose to pass on his quirk. So, just like I once did for him, he took a duplicate of his quirk for himself and gave the original to Tomura Shigaraki," the old doctor revealed.


This duplicate power seems to be the one which the doctor installed in Shigaraki, and that is why the upgrade has taken so long. Shigaraki has woken up with only 75% of it finished, but that gives him more than enough power to threatened all of Pro Hero Society. And with All Might out of the picture, the only person capable of extinguishing One For All now is Izuku... who is not quite ready to take down Shigaraki. Not at the level he's currently at, that is.

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