My Hero Academia Unpacks Aizawa's Tactical Suit in New Art

Eraserhead might not be a student in Class 1-A, but that hasn't stopped the My Hero Academia teacher from joining the fray whenever evil threatens Hero Society. With the manga's War arc set to arrive this fall on television, the artist behind My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has shared a new take on Aizawa that prepares him for the battlefield but with some special gear on hand.

Betten Court is certainly no stranger to drawing Eraserhead as Vigilantes took the opportunity to tell a storyline that focused on the early days of the one-time vigilante who was himself a student at UA Academy. While this particular storyline has yet to be animated, it was alluded to in the fifth season of the anime adaptation as one of Aizawa's best friends, Oboro, returned in a disturbing way. During an early adventure, Oboro had died but was brought back to life by All For One as a Nomu, a biological creation that has been a thorn in the sides of the heroes for quite some time. Needless to say, Aizawa has a serious ax to grind when the War Arc begins in the television series.

My Hero Academia fans re-discovered the artwork from the artist behind My Hero Academia: Vigilantes that sees a battle-ready Eraserhead ready to dive into battle, with his Quirk erasing power continuing to be a major asset for both the heroes of Class 1-A and the professional crime fighters of Hero Society:

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has yet to confirm an anime adaptation, though there are a number of storylines that are dying to hit the small screen in the future. With the spin-off series recently bringing to an end the story that focused on the likes of Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster, perhaps the sixth season will decide to focus on Aizawa's backstory to help in boosting the inner turmoil that Eraserhead feels throughout the War Arc.

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