My Hero Academia: Vigilantes' Last Chapter Has Landed: Read

The day has finally arrived for the grand finale of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes and fans are saying their goodbyes to the likes of Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster to name a few. The spin-off series to the main story of Class 1-A and the heroes of UA Academy has yet to receive its own anime adaptation but that hasn't stopped it from telling stories that have become essential to the work of Kohei Horikoshi.    

The final chapter mostly focuses on Crawler, the young hero who has been given a serious upgrade and is now operating within the United States of America, using some newfound tech to help a plane from crashing into the ground but still needing some serious assistance when it comes to his understanding of the English language. Unfortunately for the crime-fighter who now goes by "Sky Crawler" while operating out of New York City, his misunderstanding of English gets him into hot water as he states that he will dedicate "all his might" to destroying Wall Street. Needless to say, it's an appropriate final scene for the plucky young vigilante turned official crime fighter.

Viz Media's Official Twitter Account shared the link to the final chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, while also giving fans a look at Crawler's new costume as "Sky Crawler" in full color, as the former vigilante attempts to save a plane from crashing into the Earth:

The sixth season of My Hero Academia is set to arrive this fall, but there is still no word on whether Vigilantes is set to receive its own anime adaptation as it stands. With the number of chapters released for the series, it would certainly garner a few seasons if Studio Bones decided to leap into the spin-off story. While there isn't quite any "sequel bait" in this final chapter, the final page certainly shows us that vigilantes in the world of My Hero Academia are still alive and well.

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