My Hero Academia Gives Bakugo His Most Terrible Injury to Date

Warning! Massive spoilers for My Hero Academia to follow! My Hero Academia has hit Katsuki Bakugo with his most brutal damage yet with the newest chapter of the series! The final war between the heroes and villains is kicking into high gear as the fights against Dabi and All For One have reached a transitional stage. Now the focus of the series has shifted back to the fight against Tomura Shigaraki in the U.A. fortress that's now floating in the sky. When we had last seen the heroes, Bakugo was launching himself full force at the villain.  

The previous chapter of the series revealed that the heroes were continuing to struggle against Shigaraki as his new upgraded body has made him a monster like never before. It's making it hard for the heroes to even land a solid hit, and the newest chapter of the series reveals that getting in close won't be a good idea either. With Bakugo launching himself at Shigaraki at the end of the previous chapter of the series, the newest chapter deals him a brutal and bloody blow that has seemingly injured him beyond anything we have seen in the manga yet. 

Chapter 359 of My Hero Academia picks up right after Bakugo launches his modified ultimate move at Shigaraki, and collides with him in the air. Just in that brief time he made direct contact with Shigaraki, Bakugo had taken a ton of decay damage. Shigaraki bloodies the right side of his face, and wrecks his gear completely. Luckily it seems like he hasn't been totally blinded, but his entire right arm is destroyed by Shigaraki too. It seems like Shigaraki took heavy burns from Bakugo at least, but it's far from anything that can stop the villain. 

It's Bakugo's biggest hit in the series yet, and it's a mental one too. He realizes that despite his "grand slam" (as he calls it), he's still nowhere near the level of power of the "major" pro heroes. It's given him a huge hit to his confidence, and thus will likely only worsen once Izuku Midoriya comes back to the scene. So not only is it a matter of physical danger, but danger for his future, his spirit, and something to keep an eye on for sure. 

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