My Hero Academia Reveals How Shigaraki Has Become Like All For One

My Hero Academia has been seeing Tomura Shigaraki descend further and further into All For One's control, but the newest chapter of the series is a real demonstration as to how much the villain really has become his master. The final fight between the heroes and villains is now in full gear as All For One and Shigaraki had been separated into different battlefields and taking on their own opponents. While the last slate of chapters had been focused on All For One's fight against Endeavor, the newest chapter has returned to the fight against Shigaraki as his destructive powers are let loose.  

The previous look at Shigaraki's fight at U.A. Academy before showcasing just how much his body has been morphed to better use his power, it was also clear that he's become much more like All For One than he had even realized. There were some hints that Shigaraki's personality was fighting back against his master's control such as in the fight against Star and Stripe, but the newest chapter of the series sees him go on such an uncharacteristically long tirade that even Katsuki Bakugo had to take note of how far Shigaraki has fallen into control. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 358 of My Hero Academia sees Shigaraki continue to tear through the heroes thanks to his new body, but he's also begun to quite literally pontificate on the fight itself. He's mentioning that his body is getting more accustomed to All For One's power the more it resides in his body, but he's also noting that his body is searching for its "ultimate form." Shigaraki begins to rant about how this power and body will give him the ability to shape the world in any way he wishes, and wants to rule a world where everyone will be equally exploited by him. 

The length of the speech and content are already strange as it is (considering that before taking All For One's power, Shigaraki only wanted pure destruction of everything, not to form a new world to rule), but even Bakugo has to note that he can't tell whether or not Shigaraki or All For One is the one speaking about all of this. Shigaraki is basically gone from his own body, and that means Izuku's going to have a lot more trouble to "save" the Shigaraki at its core

How do you feel about Shigaraki now that he's been so overtaken by All For One's power and personality? What do you think it means for how he'll face off against Izuku in the finale? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!