My Hero Academia Unleashes Bakugo's Dangerous Quirk Evolution

My Hero Academia has been pushing Katsuki Bakugo to the brink, and the newest chapter of the series has broken down the young hero's dangerously evolving quirk! The final war between the heroes and villains has been heating up for each of the heroes as they have been failing to hold back Tomura Shigaraki as much as possible before Izuku Midoriya can get to the scene. But it's been especially eye opening for Bakugo as he's really hit the wall hard in terms of discovering just how wide the gap between he and Shigaraki's power really is.  

The latest chapters of the series have seen Bakugo taking on some severe injuries as despite his best efforts, Shigaraki has been cutting him down with relative ease. The last time we had seen Bakugo he was suffering from all of that damage, but it was teased that he was far from done fighting as his quirk began to evolve in a new way. The newest chapter of the series confirmed that he has indeed evolved his quirk to the next level, but it's at a very dangerous stage that is coming with the last gasp of his life and fighting spirit. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 362 of My Hero Academia picks up after the Big Three take their shot against Shigaraki, and unfortunately it's not enough to do anything either as the villain counters at just the right time. It's here that the beaten and bloodied Bakugo gets back up and joins the fight once more as he's determined to win at all costs just like Izuku. It's here that his quirk begins to activate immediately and although he's badly hurt, his quirk is enough to give him a boost to dodge Shigaraki's attacks for a few moments. It's revealed that his recent Cluster upgrade gear as his Nitroglycerin sweat is no longer limited to his palms. 

Because of that upgrade, it put a burden on his palms to keep building and forming explosions. It got to the point where they are now finding any open exit and begin to leak out across his body. These explosions helped to give him a boost of speed, but unfortunately it's revealed to be nowhere near enough as Shigaraki dealt a fatal blow to Bakugo's heart as the chapter came to an end. Now it's just a matter of whether or not his quirk evolved enough to somehow save him from the brink of death. 

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