My Hero Academia Deals a Deadly Reminder About Midnight

My Hero Academia knows how to get fans nervous when it comes to the fate of a favorite character. A few characters have bit the dust in the series to date, and a good few of them died in the manga's latest arc. The so-called Raid arc has been deadly to a fault, and the manga has put Midnight's life in the balance even more so thanks to a little reminder.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for My Hero Academia chapter 279! Proceed with the utmost caution:

For those hunting for the moment, it comes at the start of the chapter. My Hero Academia kicks off with a joint Class 1 battle as the students face down Gigantomachia. It was Midnight who instructed Momo on how to knock out All For One's pet, but fans worried over the heroine after her end went silent.

My Hero Academia Midnight Anime
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

With Midnight's status unknown, fans are scared about the pro hero and her status. She was very injured before she reached out to Momo, and a gang of villains was closing in on Midnight while the heroes spoke. This doesn't bode well for the heroine, and Mineta is the first to question whether their teacher is even alive still.

"Midnight's still alive, right," the boy asks.

It is Mina who chimes in with an answer. The cheery girl assures Mineta about Midnight and says the heroine has too much left to teach them. "She's still got plenty to teach us back at school!"


This sobering reminder has My Hero Academia fans even more worried about Midnight as Mineta's doubt could be preparing fans for the worst. She would not be the first hero to die in this arc though Midnight would be the most notable with readers. But in the face of the League's new army, no one is safe... maybe not even Midnight.

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