My Hero Academia Trends Globally Ahead of Chapter 298 Debut

It doesn't take a lot to get fans of My Hero Academia riled up. In the past, the fandom has proved its enthusiasm time and again. Obviously, that feeling that only grown over the years, and it seems like My Hero Academia has conditioned its readers to laud its surprises on social media. And as the wait for chapter 298 grows shorter, the mango is trending around the world thanks to eager fans.

Of course, this has become routine at this point. My Hero Academia fans are used to celebrating the series at the end of the week in anticipation of its weekend updates. That tradition has only grown larger by alleged chapter leaks, but we won't be touching on those here.

If you want to see them for yourself, you only have to browse the global topic online. The hashtag is filled with spoilers (whether real or not) about the next chapter of My Hero Academia. This gathering has become increasingly important for fans in light of the manga's recent turn. The series is darker than ever these days, and readers are desperate to know the aftermath of the heroes' war against the Paranormal Liberation Army.

The manga has a stranglehold on the fandom right now, but that will not be the case forever. My Hero Academia is hard at work on its new season behind the scenes. This spring will welcome season five to the screen, and the new episodes plan to explore Izuku's legacy quirk in a surprisingly new way.

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