My Hero Academia Drops New Season 5 Key Art

My Hero Academia has been working on its anime for a while now behind the scenes, and it is ready to make a comeback ASAP. After all, the show is one of the biggest in all of anime, and Izuku has amassed millions of fans around the world. As season five prepares to debut this spring, all eyes are on the series in its lead up, and a new key visual has gone live to tease netizens who are looking for more.

Over on Twitter, the new key visual popped up late last night, and it checks in on some familiar faces. It turns out this key visual will be used to hype merchandise being crafted in light of My Hero Academia season five. From Izuku to Ochaco, the whole gang is here, and fans are loving the promo.

As you can see above, our heroes are geared up in their new costumes with Izuku taking center stage. Shoto is standing to the left of Izuku while Kirishima and Bakugo flank his other side. The visual goes on to spotlight others like Ochaco, Kaminari, and Kyoka. So if all goes well, these heroes will have a special part in season five as the series prepares its 2021 launch.

Of course, season five will have a lot to work through, and My Hero Academia fans are excited to see how it will go. Most pressing, the finale of season four left fans stunned when Izuku seemed to have dreamt about his quirk and even met the original user of One For All while unconscious. It seems some things are shaking up with Izuku's power, and as manga readers know, the evolution of One For All opens this series up to a whole world of potential.

What do you think of this new artwork? How hyped are you for My Hero Academia season five? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.