My Hero Academia Hypes Its Own Batman in New Sketch

My Hero Academia has tons of pros under its thumb, but they aren't the only heroes around. Over the years, the franchise has introduced other saviors to fans, and its prequel My Hero Academia: Vigilantes was one of its biggest gateways. Within the fandom, the vigilante Knuckleduster has become a sort of Batman stand-in for the manga, and a new piece of art has gone live hyping the fighter.

As you can see below, the work comes courtesy of Betten Court. It was there the artist behind My Hero Academia's prequel shared an alternate design for Knuckleduster, and it makes him look all the more terrifying. But for some reason, we're sure Bruce Wayne would approve of the look...

The sketch shows Iwao Oguro in a simple outfit that shows off his gnarly scars and buff physique. The vigilante keeps his hair short here as you can see, and his strong jawline s impossible to miss. Dressed in a tank top, Knuckleduster is armed with some wrist wraps and cargo pants along with a pickaxe. So if Batman is looking to bring more fighters into the family, this hero would do the job!

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Of course, Knuckleduster would not care to join. The author of Vigilantes is the one who pitched the character's comparison to Batman and for good reason. Much like how Bruce wants to restore Gotham by helping those who've been cast aside, Iwao does the same. He won't leave his corner of Japan for nothing, and honestly? That is why fans are so desperate for My Hero Academia to give the vigilante his own anime series!

What do you think of this alternate take on Knuckleduster? Do you hope My Hero Academia brings this hero to the anime at some point? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.