My Hero Academia Cosplay Preps For Halloween With Toga

My Hero Academia's fifth season took the opportunity to dive into the minds of some of the Shonen franchise's most dangerous players during the My Villain Academia Arc, pitting the League of Villains against the insanely powerful force known as the Meta Liberation Army. While the League had the opportunity to dive into their backstories, characters like Toga also were given some major power-ups as they unlocked new abilities for their Quirks. Now, one Cosplayer has given the blood-drinking sycophant a Halloween costume just in time for the spooky season as the fifth season takes a bow.

Toga's origin story was just as disturbing as she is, with the villainess attempting to originally hold back her homicidal tendencies but losing herself in bloodlust when she attacked one of her classmates. Ostracized from society for actions that she considers normal, Toga found her place within the League of Villains following Stain's capture at the start of season two, and has since become not only one of the biggest threats to the world of hero society but has also become a fan-favorite character with her now unlocking the ability to harness the Quirks of those she drinks the blood of on top of their appearances. 

Instagram Cosplayer Glitchy Rogue shared this impressive, and terrifying, take on the villain that has taken the world of My Hero Academia by storm and will have quite the presence in the upcoming sixth season of the anime, which will adapt the long-awaited War Arc from the popular manga:

The War Arc will change the face of My Hero Academia forever, with the combined force of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, now dubbed the Paranormal Liberation Front, unleashing their full power during season six. With this being the biggest battle of the Shonen franchise to date, expect plenty of casualties on both sides and the forming of a world that is far more dangerous than the ones that the young heroes of UA Academy knew before. 

What do you think of this take on Halloween Toga? Do you think the heroes will ever be able to celebrate the holiday in peace ever again? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.