My Hero Academia Cosplay Highlights Momo's Quirk

My Hero Academia is set to arrive with the fifth season of its anime in the spring of next year, [...]

My Hero Academia is set to arrive with the fifth season of its anime in the spring of next year, pitting Class 1-A against their rivals in UA Academy's Class 1-B, and with Momo set to have an important role in the story arc, one cosplayer has done a fantastic job of capturing the aesthetic of the character along with her Quirk! With the ability to create nearly any physical object that emerges directly from her body, Momo has the ability to become one of the most powerful heroes if she can overcome her own insecurities!

Momo's character was most revealed during her team-up with the son of Endeavor, Shoto Todoroki, as they attempted to take down their teacher Eraserhead during a critical exam in their class at UA Academy! Luckily, Momo took a big step toward overcoming her inner strife, as the latest storyline of the My Hero Academia manga, the War Arc, had her taking charge of her class' efforts to take down the larger than life villain known as Gigantomachia. Using her quirk to create a number of tranquilizers, Momo not only used her Quirk but her keen intellect to direct her classmates actions in attempting to take down one of the biggest threats to the world at large. Unfortunately for her, this goal came with a heavy price.

Instagram Cosplayer Valentine Kryp shared this impressive cosplay that not only shows off Momo's superhero aesthetic, but also adds in some stylish effects that mimic the young hero's Quirk that allows her to create any physical object she wants directly from her own body:

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The War Arc for My Hero Academia is about to come to a close, with the heroes attempting to pick up the pieces of the bloody war that saw many casualties on both sides of the aisle. With most of the main villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front managing to escape, it's clear that Momo and her classmates are definitely going to have some big battles on the horizon when it comes to their nefarious machinations.

What do you think of this Momo Cosplay? What do you think the future holds for one of the most beloved fan-favorite characters of Class 1-A's roster? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy!