My Hero Academia Cosplay Celebrates Shinso's Heroic Debut

Shinso might not be an official member of Class 1-A or 1-B, but he was able to become a fan-favorite thanks to the Joint Training Exercise Arc of season five of My Hero Academia. Sporting a Quirk that can take control of the minds of his opponents, the young hero found a role model in the teacher known as Eraserhead, with one Cosplayer bringing to life the latest fit of the UA Academy attendee.

During the Joint Training Exercise, Shinso worked alongside with both Class 1-A and 1-B, going through a crash course as the young hero decided he wanted to get into the crime-fighting business officially on the front lines. With a Quirk that allows him to take control of any target that responds to his questions, Shinso trained in the fighting style of Aizawa in order to gain a tactical advantage in the field, utilizing the bands around his neck for both offensive and defensive capabilities. Though he ultimately lost his battle against Deku in the final round of the exam, Shinso still passed with flying colors.

Instagram Cosplayer ATM Cosplay brought the latest aesthetic of Shinso in My Hero Academia's anime to life, sporting the new mask that increased the young hero's mastery of his Quirk that grants him the ability to alter his voice in order to trick his targets into answering his questions and falling under his spell:

In the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, Shinso made his grand return on the final page of the latest chapter, most likely set to be a part of the heroes last-ditch effort against the villains who have gained more power than ever before. With All For One and Shigaraki being at their strongest and the traitor within UA Academy's ranks being revealed, readers are sure to see some major surprises as the Shonen series moves closer to its finale. 

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