My Hero Academia Debuts First-Look at Shinso's Official Hero Costume

My Hero Academia has revealed the first look at Hitoshi Shinso's official hero costume with the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series! One of the surprising key players that has been popping up on the sidelines over the years is Shinso from the Support Course. After making his debut during the Sports Festival arc, he's been training in secret to eventually join the hero course in full. It wasn't until the Joint Training Exercise arc that we saw him fully develop, but even then he was still in early tryouts to become a full fledged member of the young hero team.

When we had last seen Shinso, he was still very much unsure of his potential future as a hero and this was reflected in the fact that his hero costume was nothing more than the standard U.A. High School athletic gear with the addition of his Persona Cords and battle scarf. The newest chapter of the series has officially brought him back to the manga for the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's series, and it gives us our first look at Shinso's official hero costume that he has gotten since seeing him last! Check it out below: 

It's a quick look at his gear, and nearly a full look at what it entails, but unfortunately it's still obscured by clever framing. Though what is available to see is that Shinso has gone for an all-black stealth kind of look and that makes sense considering he's likely modeling himself after his mentor, Eraserhead. His skews a bit more towards a shinobi type of kusari (the fishnet type of sleeve) around his arms, and seems to have some bits of additional gear that isn't quite clear just yet. 

What is notable about this look as well is that he seems to have such control and strength in the use of his scarf that he can now hang from trees much like Spider-Man would. It's a pretty big re-introduction that teases how much Shinso has been changing in the background, and given that Horikoshi teased that he would be playing a major role in the Final Act we could be seeing many more surprises from Shinso as the series continues. 

But what do you think? What is your first impression of Hitoshi Shinso's official hero costume? What kind of look were you hoping to see for the new young hero in training? What do you think his role is in the new plan against the villains? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!