My Hero Academia: Dabi Unleashes His Plan to Cripple Hero Society

My Hero Academia is the talk of the fandom these days, and it is no surprise when you think over its latest manga chapter. The update took everyone by surprise with its long-awaited look into Dabi's past. After all, that breakdown was turned into a weapon by the League of Villains exec, and it might be powerful enough to shatter what faith the public still had in Pro Heroes.

For those needing more details, all the info came in chapter 290 of My Hero Academia. The update went live the other day, and it was there fans read on as Dabi revealed his true identity to the world. They learned about his horrific treatment by a top hero, and things were only made worse when it was discovered that Dabi is Endeavor's long lost son.

My Hero Academia Dabi Quirk Limits
(Photo: Shueisha)

The plan went according to Dabi without a hitch, and it involved a great deal of interference from Skeptic. The villain was able to patch Dabi's confession to the nation as his video was forced onto televisions all over. Even the Internet was not free from such takeover, and Dabi told the world how his father abused him to the point of no return.

Dabi vilified his father in the most public way, and no one could help but watch the former Todoroki raze the ground. Fans were informed Dabi was born as Toya, and that Endeavor treated him as a tool since a young age. He was then thrown aside when Shoto was born with an even stronger quirk, leaving Toya to despair about his purpose in life.

Clearly, the villain found his calling, and his presumed death gave Toya the opportunity to take up the name Dabi. Now, the public has learned how diabolical Endeavor really is. And in the wake of a very deadly (and mishandled) raid against the villains, this revelation about the Number One Hero might be enough to make the public forsake heroes entirely.


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