My Hero Academia Explains the Mysterious Circumstances of Toya's Death

My Hero Academia has kept a lot of secrets over the years, and it is starting to let some of them [...]

My Hero Academia has kept a lot of secrets over the years, and it is starting to let some of them loose at last. The franchise got fans buzzing this month when information about the Todoroki clan started to go live. The reveal of Toya's connection to Dabi has fans reeling even today, but there are more secrets to uncover. After all, there are questions remaining about Toya's death and his miraculous resurrection.

For those who have been paying attention, they will know that Dabi is none other than Toya. The villain happens to be Endeavor's eldest child, and Dabi has a major bone to pick with his estranged father. After all, the pro hero did abuse the boy with malice, and it seems likely Dabi orchestrated the events leading to his so-called death.

My Hero Academia Dabi Anime
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According to chapter 291, Toya was killed during the winter on a dry and windy day. He went to a place up on Sekoto Peak where Endeavor would train, and it was there Toya died.

"They say the fire burned eat over 2,000 degrees celsius. The body was never found. His bones were reduced to ash, and the blaze's updraft scattered them to the wind. Only a fragment of his lower jawbone was found," Endeavor explained.

Obviously, this is a horrifying way to die, but the question remains how Toya was killed. Some are uncertain whether Toya snuck up on Endeavor when he was training and got caught in an uncontrolled fire. Others wonder if the boy was secretly training by himself and caught the area ablaze by mistake. And as for other fans, well - they believe Toya set fire to the area on purpose in order to fake his death.

The mysteries surrounding Toya's death still linger with fans today, and there is no word on when they will be answered. Dabi may relive them for My Hero Academia readers soon, but it is just as likely he will sit on these sordid details for a bit longer. In the meantime, he will torture his family with the stain of his legacy, and fans can only imagine how the Todoroki clan will fare in the fallout.

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