My Hero Academia: Why the Villains Won This Time Around

My Hero Academia is tackling one of its most tense stories yet nowadays, and fans are glued to the manga thanks to the arc. When the pro heroes launched their raid against the villains' headquarters, there was no telling how it would go, but it has resulted in catastrophic damage. Hundreds if not thousands have lost their lives, homes, and livelihoods because of the botched mission. And thanks to a recent revelation from Dabi, the public's faith in heroes has never been lower. Despite all their trying, the heroes could not keep a handle on this raid, and it has given the villains one of their biggest wins yet.

Warning! If you have yet to catch up on the latest chapters of My Hero Academia's manga, this article will be diving into spoiler territory so be forewarned!

The League of Villains Shigaraki
(Photo: Toho Animation)

One of the main functions of the League of Villains hasn't simply been to control the world in order to "live their lives as they wish", but to eradicate the public's trust in the heroes that protect their world. The world has been empty of a "Symbol of Peace" since All Might lost the use of his power while fighting against All For One, causing the public to, in a term, freak out.

Toward the end of Season Four's anime, Endeavor tried his best to fill the role that was left by All Might's departure, not just by using his insane levels of power, but also by assuring the public's state of mind. While he was able to do so briefly in defeating the High End Nomu with the help of Hawks, the Paranormal Liberation War has changed things up to a degree that the heroes may never recover from.

Simply killing the heroes has never been the main goal of Shigaraki and his crew, with the villains setting a plan into action that doesn't just give them no opponents in their way, but to take control of the different levels of government as well thanks to Re-Destro. With Endeavor's back story, and torment that he put his family through, revealed to the general public, trust in him has eroded if not completely destroyed.


Shigaraki might not have killed Deku and stolen his Quirk, but he perhaps won something even greater by instilling the public with a sense that they could no longer trust the heroes that have sworn to protect them, opening a path for the villains to potentially earn that trust with lies and deceit.

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