‘My Hero Academia’ Confirms [SPOILER'S] Tragic Death

Warning! Major spoilers for My Hero Academia’s 161st chapter lie below!When anime fans think [...]

Warning! Major spoilers for My Hero Academia's 161st chapter lie below!

When anime fans think about My Hero Academia, only good things come to mind. The shonen title has been said by many to become Japan's next big series, but manga readers know there is more to My Hero Academia. The truth is that the story can get dark, and its latest chapter proved just that.

After all, the manga's new update had readers sobbing as it showed a fan-favorite hero passing away.

Weekly Shonen Jump published the 161st chapter of My Hero Academia in its latest issue, and readers were shown the aftermath of Izuku's battle with Chisaki. The hero-in-training met fans as he got treated at the hospital, but things took a turn for the worse when Mr. Aizawa took Izuku to a private ward.

When Izuku walked in, he was met with All Might and Recovery Girl amongst others. The two confirmed Sir Nighteye would not last much longer and it was a miracle he was even still alive. The Pro Hero was gravely injured when he went up against Chisaki, but Sir Nighteye had a few more words to say before he passed.

The tragic encounter saw Izuku plead for Sir Nighteye to fight death away, but the hero knew his fate was not a changeable one. The hero finally speaks with All Might long after their fallout years ago; Sir Nighteye says he never stopped admiring All Might even though he stopped being his sidekick, but the waterworks began in earnest when Mirio rushed into the ward. The now-Quirkless hero rushed to Sir Nighteye to beg his mentor to live, but nothing could be done.

Instead, Sir Nighteye used his Quirk one last time to look into Mirio's future. With his dying breath, the hero confirmed his protege was on his way to becoming an excellent hero, and it was then Sir Nighteye flatlined. The room was left to mourn the hero's tragic passing in silence, and fans joined in with Izuku as the young boy broke into tears. The loss of Sir Nighteye is one of the series' biggest yet, and readers have a growing suspicion it will be the first of several more to come.

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