'My Hero Academia' Designer Shares Season 2 Finale Artwork

My Hero Academia has had an incredibly successful year, with the anime reaching new heights with [...]

My Hero Academia has had an incredibly successful year, with the anime reaching new heights with the arrival of its second season. Season two which only finished about a month ago now was double the length of the anime's first season, showcasing an improved Midoriya and giving fans a number of new villains. One of those villains was Hero Killer Stain, who already is a fan favorite. In addition, fans learned more about the history of One For All and its enemy quirk the All For One.

In celebration of the anime's second season, My Hero Academia illustrator Yoshihiko Umakoshi has drawn and released a new sketch of two young heroes. The character at the front is Midoriya, the main character of the series who will one day became the greatest hero ever, after he inherited All Might's One For All quirk. Midoriya's story though has only just begun, with him only being able to use roughly 5% of his power before his body breaks down. However, he was still able to help defeat Stain and is getting stronger by the day.

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Meanwhile, the other character behind him is of the angry Katsuki Bakugo, the main rival of Midoriya. Bakugo and Midoriya were friends in the past, however, Bakugo's jealousy has caused him to hate Midoriya. Bakugo is currently one of the top 3 students in the academy, with his explosive quirk proving to be quite dangerous to villains and sometimes even to his fellow students.

The two looks as if they are ready for battle, however, not against each other but together as a team. It's possibly in the lead-up to their fight against All Might, which they won by the way, as their final exam at the end of season two of My Hero Academia. Already, after the success of season two, the third season was announced, with it expected to his fans screen early next year.

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