Is Endeavor's Death Inevitable In My Hero Academia?

In both the anime and manga for My Hero Academia, Endeavor is the number one hero following the retirement of All Might but with these new responsibilities, is the death of Endeavor an inevitability as the villains continue to amass their power? With Endeavor venturing to take the place of All Might not only as the number one hero, but as the Symbol of Peace for the world as well, there are certain elements moving throughout the franchise that are hinting that the flame based powerhouse's time might not be long for the world of Midoriya and UA Academy!

Warning! We'll be going into some slight spoiler territory for the manga of My Hero Academia so if you haven't had the chance to catch up, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article!

The story of My Hero Academia, like many other anime franchises, has focused on the idea of legacy where the heroes of old are leading the way for the new younger heroes that are looking to enter into the professional world of crime fighting themselves. Endeavor has spent his life not only attempting to work his way out of the shadow of All Might to become the number one hero, but to also mold his son Shoto into one of the most powerful and well respected heroes among his peers.

Unfortunately, through his negligent training and exhausting scheduling for his son, his family was essentially destroyed in the process. His children hold some serious hate for Endeavor, his wife has lost her mind, and the oldest progeny is thought dead. There are many sins that Endeavor has to pay for and certainly a fair share of skeletons in his closet that will have to be addressed and perhaps the only way for the current number one hero to pay penance is with his life.

Enter Dabi of the League of Villains. Dabi's identity has been a mystery but more than a few fans of My Hero Academia are believing that this strange villain is in fact the missing son of Endeavor and perhaps there would be no more poetic justice for the crimes of the flame based heroes past than by dying at the hands of his son. With the Paranormal Liberation War in full swing, Dabi has never been more powerful and Endeavor is neck deep in villains. Is this the arc where Endeavor meets his end and his son, Shoto, must take the reins of his father's legacy?


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