My Hero Academia Reunites the Todoroki Family in Fiery New Scene

My Hero Academia's final war has officially begun, and just as fans wanted, the Todoroki family is front and center in the battlefield! All throughout My Hero Academia's run, the story of Shoto Todoroki and his estranged father, top pro hero Endeavor, has been one of the series main (and most intriguing) subplots. That plotline came crashing into the other subplot about the true identity of League of Villains member Dabi, who stepped forward in the first War Arc to reveal he is in fact Endeavor's first son and Shoto's older brother, Toya Todoroki! 

Ever since the reveal that Dabi is Toya, My Hero Academia has been ramping up to the full-fledged Todoroki family showdown – and thanks to an epic fiery scene in My Hero Academia manga chapter 344, we are finally there! 


As the day of the final war between heroes and villains officially arrives, both sides play their opening chess moves to ambush their opponents. All For One uses his vast array of powers and spies to the opportunity to use his spy in Class 1-A ,  Aoyama, to get his hands on Izuku Midoriya and the One For All power. However, thanks to All Might's precise planning, the tables get turned on All For One! 

Even though the archvillain teleports his whole army to the fight, the heroes have their own surprise: using a copy of Kurogiri's teleportation power (via Class 1-B's Neito Monoma), the heroes are able to instantly teleport their own army into the fight, as well! 

As soon as the pro heroes pull off their surprise ambush, Dabi breaks ranks from All For One and charges into the breach with just one target insight: his father Endeavor!


Dabi comes right at Endeavor, letting off an inferno blast of fire while screaming "Fancy running into you here! Dear old dad!! Come to watch your pals get cremated?!" 

However, before Dabi's blast can do any damage, there's another arrival through the heroes' portal: Shoto Todoroki! Shoto stops Dabi's attack cold (literally) with a wall of ice, letting his estranged (and deranged) brother know that no cremation will be taking place on his watch! 

Shoto's entry is an early indicator of just how far the youngest Todoroki has come as both a character and a hero. Shoto's fire/ice powers are now in better balance, which should be the key (both logistically and thematically) to put his brother down once and for all. 

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