My Hero Academia's New Funko Wave Features a Secret Spoiler

You might not except for Funko to spoil things for fans, but My Hero Academia readers learned the [...]

You might not except for Funko to spoil things for fans, but My Hero Academia readers learned the hard way that's not true. Last weekend, netizens tuned in as New York City held its annual Toy Fair, and Funko had a major presence at the event. It was there a brand-new wave of Pop figures were announced for My Hero Academia, but fans of the manga were stunned by how Kurogiri looked on display.

So you have been duly warned! If you are not caught up with the manga, then there are My Hero Academia spoilers below about Kurogiri!

For those who have read the manga, they will know My Hero Academia began a major exploration into Kurogiri as of late. The series' on-going arc is diving deep into the All For One and the League of Villains. Of course, Kurogiri was part of the gang, and fans never felt the series was hiding away the character's identity. But as fans learned a few weeks ago, Kurogiri is a highly advanced Nomu which was primarily created from Aizawa's dead best friend.

kurogiri funko pop
(Photo: Funko)

As for how Funko alluded to this fact, well - you only have to look at the Kurogiri figure. You can see it above and take note of his shadow's colors. In the anime, Kurogiri is portrayed as having a pure purple shadow that allows him to warp. In this Funko, Kurogiri has thin white tips on his shadow, and they happen to look a lot like clouds.

You know, kind of like the clouds which Aizawa's friend Shirobako produced as part of his Quirk? If that doesn't just break you're heart, we're not sure what will.

The manga has already confirmed that Aizawa's friend is underneath all of Kurogiri, but anime fans have no inkling of the idea. This Funko's altered appearance may not overtly spoil anything about Kurogiri, but it will definitely make some fans think twice. And for any manga readers, this vinyl will give them a constant reminder of how far the League of Villains will go to steal valuable Quirks. Not even the dead are safe from All For One's grasp, but fans are hoping Aizawa will be able to put his long-gone friend to rest for good as My Hero Academia continues forward.

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