My Hero Academia Sets Up Izuku and Bakugo's First Tag-Team Mission

My Hero Academia's Paranormal Liberation War arc continues to heat up for summer, as the Pro Hero [...]

My Hero Academia's Paranormal Liberation War arc continues to heat up for summer, as the Pro Hero world braces itself for the biggest villain threat the world has ever seen. Thanks to decades of plotting by series big bad All For One and his chief mad scientist Dr. Ujiko, Shigaraki has been re-awakened from weeks of power-enhancing treatments with his disintegration quirk boosted to a crazy degree, and all the powers of All For One at his disposal. That's bad news for Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo, as Shigaraki his coming for tag-team battle with the two young heroes!

Warning My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 274 SPOILERS Follow!

Shigaraki awoke from his power-boosting process by unwittingly unleashing an entire wave of his disintegration quirk, nearly annihilating an entire squad of top pro heroes in the process (with quite of few heroes dying in the process). After that initial confusion, Shigaraki was able to marshal his forces in the Paranormal Liberation Front, and take stock of the secret weapons he still has in store. The moment of reflection didn't last long, though, as Endeavor come crashing in to take on Shigaraki, head-to-head.

However, the new chapter of My Hero Academia reveals that the Endeavor-vs-Shigaraki main event teased in the last issue was a total red herring. After trading a few blows (or attempted blows) with Endeavor, Shigaraki flies off in pursuit of his true target: Izuku Midoriya's One For All power!

As we learn in this chapter, the All For One power that Shigaraki inherited comes with a dark component: a compulsive voice in the user's head, urging the All For One wielder to seek out and siphon the One For All power. Thanks to the Search quirk that One For All stole from pro hero Rag Doll, Shigaraki is able to spot and track the One For All power from a distance, and quickly spots Deku's position in the local town, where the Class 1-A students have been helping on crowd control.

My Hero Academia Izuku Bakugo vs Shigaraki Fight manga
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Like Shigaraki, Izuku seems to be getting urged on by the original wielder of One For All, warning him about the coming conflict with All For One. Izuku knows he is the real danger to all the heroes and innocents around him and seeks to do the heroic thing - by running away. Since Bakugo is the only one who knows the true secret behind Izuku's One For All power, he decides to back his rival up in facing Shigaraki. The issue ends with Deku and Bakugo setting a trap for Shigaraki, in which Deku will be the bait, while Bakugo will "wreck him."

We've broken down My Hero Academia's Deku and Bakugo rivalry - and how it could end. These two fighting together - and only one walking away - could be the big shocker headed our way!

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.