My Hero Academia Preps Bakugo and Izuku for a Nail-Biting Battle

My Hero Academia's latest arc has brought the Paranormal Liberation War to the pro hero world. [...]

My Hero Academia's latest arc has brought the Paranormal Liberation War to the pro hero world. That conflict has seen the League of Villains take control of the radical group the Paranormal Liberation Front, in an attempt to shatter the status quo of how quirk powers are used and governed in society. However, the flow of the war has quickly shifted with the revelation that All For One was using this war to hatch his master plan: turning his protege Tomura Shigaraki into the most deadly user of the All For One power, ever. Now, as Shigraki enters the conflict, Izuku Midoriya and Bakugo are bracing for their deadliest battle yet!

Warning - My Hero Academia MANGA Spoilers Follow!

The last few chapters of My Hero Academia have been all about the pro hero / police strike force storming the secret lab of One For All's disciple, Dr. Ujiko. Working under the guise of a benevolent hospital doctor, Ujiko has secretly been working to boost Shigaraki's disintegration quirk; unlock his All For One power; and cultivate a new generation of highly-intelligent Nomu, weaponized with multiple quirks. The heroes were nearly successful with their surprise attack, but unfortunately, Ujiko manages to see his vision of Shigaraki fulfilled.

The latest manga chapter saw Shigaraki finally awaken from his dream state to a full array of his All For One power and new disintegration quirk. What happens next is one of the most horrific moments in all of My Hero Academia, as Shigaraki proceeds to disintegrate the lab, entire hospital, and the surrounding town, in one effortless wave of destruction.

My Hero Academia Teases Izuku Bakugo vs Plus Ultra Shigaraki Manga
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Meanwhile, the pro hero team outside Ujiko's hospital gets immediately caught in the disintegration wave Shigaraki unleashes. While many of the pro heroes are caught fleeing for their lives (or losing their lives), Midoriya and Bakugo step into the breach. Izuku once again hears the call of One For All original user, who warns him that this new "Plus Ultra Shigaraki" is the "transcendent" form of All For One's power. All of this is causing Deku to unlock new One For All powers of his own - which isn't necessarily a good thing. Deku and Shigaraki's fight could easily be leading to the Quirk Singularity doomsday that Dr. Ujiko predicted long ago.

We have already broken down how My Hero Academia could resolve the Deku and Bakugo relationship - and one of the biggest ways would be to see how the two are forged on a real battlefield. Not to mention, of course, the question of whether both of them survive. Because at the moment, it looks like Deku and Bakugo could be two of the first to actually face Plus Ultra Shigaraki's powers, and as My Hero Academia has made it clear: no one is guaranteed to survive this war.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.