My Hero Academia Just Handed Deku and All Might a Major Advantage Over Shigaraki

My Hero Academia fans have been desperately wondering how Izuku Midioriya will win the fight with Tomura Shigaraki – or if that victory is still even possible. Tomura Shigaraki has merged with his villainous mentor All For One, while also having his body and various quirks enhanced to horrific levels of power and durability. After defeating (and brutally slaying) America's no. 1 hero Star and Stripe, AFO Shigaraki gained the god-like power of New Order, Star and Stripe's quirk, which allowed her to re-write reality itself. It seemed like it was "game over" for the forces of good – until now. 

WARNING: My Hero Academia manga SPOILERS Follow! 

Star and Stripe sacrificed her life to keep AFO Shigaraki from killing her team – but she didn't go down without a fight. Star and Stripe chose to boobytrap New Order with a final rewrite – that the quirk rebels against other quirks. In My Hero Academia chapter 334, we find out just how powerful the alteration of New Order is. Even though AFO Shigaraki tries to force New Order on a low-level villain whose home he crashes, he finds out that Star and Stripe's trap has thwarted that plan. 

While AFO Shigaraki is stuck in a state of distress, Star and Stripe's team of bros escape the battlefield and hand All Might a key piece of intel that could help him, Deku, and the rest of Class 1-A finally have an advantage to help them take down All For One and/or Shigaraki, for good. 

Star and Stripe's battle with AFO Shigaraki took place over the skies of Japan, with her team of "bros" piloting X-66 stealth bomber planes. Turns out, those planes weren't just armed for battle – they were also equipped for in-depth surveillance. Star and Stripe's bros leave the battlefield with three planes' worth of intel on AFO Shigaraki's biometric data and quirk powers. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

As the bros let All Might know, the data they've amassed may help the heroes gain a lead and/or advantage in the war against AFO Shigaraki. In addition to insight on how to fight their enemy, the heroes also get another invaluable resource: more time. The battle with Star and Stripe has left AFO Shigaraki's body in need of even more recharging – giving All Might, Izuku, and Class 1-A one extra week to get ready for the final battle. 

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