My Hero Academia Shares the Shocking Fate of New Order

My Hero Academia knows how to take fans by surprise at this point, and the manga has done just that this past month. If you have kept up with the story, you will know Shigaraki and All For One have run into serious trouble at the hands of a righteous hero. And now, fans have learned the fate of New Order in the wake of Star and Stripe's death.

The update comes from My Hero Academia chapter 334 this week. As fans saw, the release begins hot with Shigaraki on the run with his mentor. The two are desperate to rid themselves of New Order after the stolen quirk was rigged to tear All For One apart. Many of the quirk's stolen powers have been destroyed by New Order, but Shigaraki is not willing to let it go.

Luckily, the villain is not given a choice. All For One tries to pass on New Order to preserve it for his plans, but Star and Stripe's vestige ruins those plans. In her battle with All For One's stolen quirks, New Order is essentially killed. Its vestige is ripped apart by all of the quirks, but Star and Stripe took down plenty of them before dying.

"Nice try, idiot," she shares. "Thanks to all those other quirks inside you, my little revolt was the death of me."

Even in her final moments as a vestige, Star and Stripe made sure to cripple All For One and ruin his best-laid plans. Now, the villain has gone underground, and our heroes have a bit more time to prepare for their big battle. And this time around, Shigaraki will be lacking some major ammo. After all, he has lost quirks like Reflect to New Order, and there are surely others missing from his arsenal. All For One will do his best to recoup power in that time, but time is ticking towards his next big battle and fast. 

What do you make of New Order's final trick on All For One? How do you feel about Star and Stripe's fate in My Hero Academia...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.