My Hero Academia Reveals Kaminari's Most Epic Moment Yet

Denki Kaminari has been one of the more intriguing members of Class 1-A's roster as My Hero [...]

Denki Kaminari has been one of the more intriguing members of Class 1-A's roster as My Hero Academia has featured him on the sidelines, but has not quite yet brought him into the action in full. This has led to all kinds of theories from fans as to whether or not he would eventually turn out to be the U.A. traitor, with series creator Kohei Horikoshi holding him back until a critical moment, but it seems that we will know for sure soon enough as Kaminari is now a part of the front lines in the battle between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front.

The last few chapters have been focused on the first spear of this attack as Endeavor and a few other pro heroes (with Mirko taking the spotlight) confronting Dr. Ujiko in his hospital and tearing apart his laboratory and base of operations. But the latest chapter of the series has brought the action to the next phase as another group of pro heroes attacks the Front's base itself -- and it's resulted in one awesome moment for Denki Kaminari.

It might have been mentioned as a joke in a previous chapter, but Chapter 263 of the series sees Kaminari still gripping with the fact that he's a part of the front lines along with Tokoyami while the rest of his class is towards the back. He's nervous to rush in with the other heroes, but Midnight and Tokoyami ease his mind by re-affirming that he's part of this initial wave for good reason.

It turns out that we see exactly why soon enough as one electricity using villain launches a huge blast of electricity toward the heroes. Thinking about those he wants to protect like Jiro, Kaminari plants his feet and surprisingly acts as a lightning rod to absorb all of the electricty from the villain. This opens up a path for the charging in pro heroes, and now sets up Kaminari for his big battle with a villain -- or potentially a big swerve revealing he's a traitor. But what do you think?

Is Denki Kaminari going to be the traitor and somehow betray the heroes during this massive attack? If he is the traitor, will he reveal himself now or wait further? Or is this an epic heroic moment from the normally wacky Kaminari? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!