My Hero Academia Reveals Izuku's New Black Whip Form

My Hero Academia has revealed the next evolution of Izuku Midoriya's growing powers. In this case, [...]

My Hero Academia has revealed the next evolution of Izuku Midoriya's growing powers. In this case, Izuku debuts a new form of his Black Whip attack - one of the many additional powers gifted to Deku via his connection to One For All and its past users. Izuku debuts his new Black Whip attack in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, and it certainly is a surprise moment! It's been steadily revealed that Izuku underwent intensive new training in order to prepare for the oncoming war - and one part of that training was kept steeped in mystery: until now.

Warning: My Hero Academia manga 293 SPOILERS Follow!

While the pro heroes and kids of class 1-A continue their climactic battle with the League of Villains' new army, one of the main events has been pyrokinetic psycho Dabi taking on his brother Shoto and father Endeavor. Not only has Dabibeen attacking them physically, he's also been mind-screwing them (and all of Japan) with the reveal that he's Toya Todoroki. As the battle intensifies in My Hero Academia Chapter 293, Dabi nearly incinerates Shoto in a brotherly embrace. The only thing that saves Shoto (and fans' hearts) is a last-minute intervention from Izuku.

Midoriya manages to get Shoto to a safe distance from Dabi, using Black Whip to snare the insane villain. However, Deku's big battle with Tomura Shigaraki (where their respective One For All and All For One powers increased exponentionally) has left the young boy's body broken down from his powers. Luckily, Izuku got some helpful training from Froppy, on how to fire off Black Whip from his mouth!

Froppy has frog-based powers as her quirk, including a long, adhesive tongue. With training, Froppy has gotten much more clever and agile in the use of her powers, earning her place as one of Class 1-A's standout students (and a fan-favorite). A flashback to before the war showed us how Class 1-A was training to boost themselves up for the oncoming war - including Izuku approaching Froppy with some mysterious agenda. Now we know what Deku was thinking: how to continue to use his powers, even after his limbs gave out, from using One For All.

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 293 Spoilers Izuku Black Whip Tongue Froppy
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One thing that continually impresses fans (and the other heroes of My Hero Academia) about Izuku Midoriya is the way the young man adapts in the use of his powers. Even though his body is much frailer than his mentor All Might, Izuku has found clever new ways to utilize One For All's powers, in order to not only get by, but rise above his limits. Developing a "Froppy Style" for Black Whip is just the latest awesome addition to his power set.

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