My Hero Academia Reveals Nana's Plea Regarding Shigaraki

The War Arc might have come to a close in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, but it seems that [...]

The War Arc might have come to a close in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, but it seems that the characters aren't done shedding tears by any stretch of the imagination as the recent chapter shares the plans of past One For All wielder, Nana Shimura when it comes to her evil grandson known as Shigaraki. With the War Arc seeing Shigaraki get an insanely massive power boost, it's clear that Nana doesn't feel as if Midoriya should be pulling any punches in the battle against the current leader of the League of Villains.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 305, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

Following the biggest battle between heroes and villains, Midoriya is left healing his wounds thanks to the trauma he put his body through against the new inheritor of the power of All For One in Shigaraki, with the young hero taking the opportunity to converse with his predecessors who also held the power of One For All. Specifically, Deku has a conversation with Nana Shimura, who asks Midoriya in no uncertain terms if he thinks he will be able to kill Shigaraki if need be. As Shigaraki's grandmother states, she believes that gone unabated, the current All For One will become the "ultimate evil" and must be stopped before that happens.

My Hero Academia Nana
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Deku, ever the optimist, believes that when he encountered Shigaraki, he did not come into confrontation with the ultimate evil, but rather, had come face to face with a troubled child who was dealing with a tragic upbringing. As Izuku explains, he might be brought into a situation where murder is the only option, but it's not a bridge that he wants to cross, informing Nana that he is hoping to save her grandson from himself.

Hearing this from Deku, Shimura bursts into tears, also asking Midoriya if he will convey her best wishes to her mentor, Gran Torino, who was also injured during the events of the War Arc. Nana states that she was "testing" Deku in her question, though we're left to see whether Izuku will ultimately be forced to kill Shigaraki as the power of the League of Villains grows.

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