My Hero Academia: What We Know About One For All's Two Mysterious Users

When My Hero Academia began years ago, fans did not realize how pivotal One For All was going to [...]

When My Hero Academia began years ago, fans did not realize how pivotal One For All was going to be. The series made it clear that Izuku was being given a gift once All Might passed the power on, but no one knew how much of a gift he got until recently. One For All came complete with eight other users who once used the quirk and have been awoken within One For All. The only issue is that there are two inheritors we still know nothing about.

If you are caught up with the My Hero Academia manga, then you will know who we are talking about. One For All has introduced all of its users now save for two. The second and third inheritors are total mysteries to fans, but it seems the manga is about to explore them. After all, Izuku can see the figures clearly from the back now, but neither is willing to show their face or power.

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As you can imagine, there are tons of fan-theories about the pair and for good reason. Izuku hasn't heard a peep from either men, and that seems to be on purpose. The two aren't sure whether Izuku is worthy of their power, and there is no better time for our hero to prove his worth than after Shigaraki's uprising.

So far, My Hero Academia has given few narrative clues about these two heroes, but it has done a lot with visuals. There are tons of wild theories connecting the second and third users to Bakugo and Kirishima. Some say the two could be tied through their ancestors or even time travel, but others suggest Iida's family may be the connection given its long line of heroes. Clearly, there is something to these heroes that Izuku has yet to crack, and fans are hoping they will be wowed when the reveal comes.

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