My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up the Final One For All Predecessors

My Hero Academia's latest chapter has set the stage for Izuku Midoriya to finally make contact [...]

My Hero Academia's latest chapter has set the stage for Izuku Midoriya to finally make contact with the last two mysterious One For All predecessors. The current arc of My Hero Academia's manga has been set within the mysterious OFA realm, while Deku's physical body lays comatose, following the fierce, bloody, battle with the Tomura Shigaraki, All For One, and the villain army. One For All's predecessors have gathered to interview Izuku about where the fight goes from there, and to truly learn if the young hero has the mettle to be OFA's final carrier, and do what is needed with the power!

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 305 SPOILERS Follow!

My Hero Academia's manga ended on the cliffhanger of One For All's 7th user, Nana Shimura, asking Deku straight-out if he is capable of killing her grandson Shigaraki. Well, over the course of My Hero Academia chapter 305 we learn that this provocative moment is all just a set up - a test of Izuku's moral fiber. One For All's predecessors don't really want Izuku to kill Shigaraki - they want to know that he has the true kind of noble heroic ideals not to go that route.

As you probably expect, Deku's response to being asked to take out Shigaraki is to confess the insight he had at the climactic moment of the war: seeing Shigaraki possessed by All For One, and sensing that deep inside the murderous monster is that tragic little boy named Tenko Shimura, who still just wants to be saved. As Deku seeks it, the true purpose of the One For All power is to save others, not kill them. And that's pretty much the correct answer the OFA predecessors are hoping to hear.

When Izuku confesses his calling to save Shigaraki, the response of OFA's original user, All For One's little brother, tells Deku "That's why we have your back." Of course, a statement like means all of the predecessors have to be united - including the mysterious 2nd and 3rd users, who have refused to ever even face Izuku. All For One's brother instructs the second and third users that "You have to cooperate with our successor. He needs your help to unleash his full power."

My Hero Academia Deku OFA Full Power Second Third User Predecessors
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We've been crashing through the mystery of One For All vs All For One as the two powers evolved and collided during the War arc. This mini-arc about OFA has quickly opened up the mythology about the previous users (including the reclusive 4th user), and now it seems we're getting the last big reveal we need. It will be interesting to see why exactly the 2nd and 3rd OFA users refused to acknowledge Deku (or All Might) all this time - and what quirk powers they bring to the table.

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