My Hero Academia Reveals Gigantomachia's Full List of Quirks

My Hero Academia has a busy year ahead of it, and manga readers are ready for whatever the series has coming next. The series just parted ways with its Liberation Army War arc, and it would put things lightly to say its story was intense. All For One's minions really did a number on the heroes in this arc, and a new update confirms how Gigantomachia managed to defy all the heroes who stood in his way.

After all, it turns out the monstrous baddie wields not two or three but seven different quirks. The most recent volume of My Hero Academia revealed the list of quirks which Gigantomachia wields, and it is pretty insane to say the least.

My Hero Academia Gigantomachia
(Photo: Studio Bones)

According to the list, All For One's sick pet is loaded with quirks such as endurance and muscle rigidity. Gigantomachia has a quirk that keeps him from feeling pain, and his gigantism quirk allows him to grow bigger as he gets more angry. His three other quirks allow him to dig into the ground like a mole, conserve energy as well as nutrients, and bolster his senses to the level of a dog. This means Gigantomachia is insanely powerful, and these quirks all combine to make him a bulky bashing machine.

Still, fans did learn recently that Gigantomachia is not invincible. Midnight thought it was possible to sedate the villain, and she died passing that plan on to Momo and the rest of Class 1-A. Between their sedative and the heroes' onslaught, Gigantomachia was recently captured in the war's aftermath, but there is no telling whether he can be kept imprisoned for long given his powers.

Did you expect any of these quirks to make the list? Or do they come as a surprise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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