My Hero Academia Unmasks Thirteen's Face in Battle

My Hero Academia is set in a world filled with heroes, and that means secret identities run amok in its lore. For characters like All Might, their alter egos are needed for safety, but others choose to keep their faces hidden for stylistic reasons. One of these heroes is Thirteen, but the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia gives fans a peek at the galactic girl's face.

The moment goes down at the start of chapter 296. My Hero Academia begins this chapter by following several pro heroes as they try to stop the High-End Nomu from escaping with the villains. As you can imagine, they aren't successful for the most part, and Thirteen is one of the heroes trying to stop the gang. And it is there fans were given a partial facial reveal of the pro.

The revelation is made as part of Thirteen's helmet is shattered on the left. Fans can see the heroine's bangs through the crack as well as her eye. From what fans can tell, Thirteen seems to bear a resemblance to Ochaco given their round features, but it is hard to give a full assessment without seeing all of Thirteen's face.

This check-in also shows how injured the heroine is. Thirteen is still fighting in battle even though her right arm is missing. Fans can see the limb is missing and bleeding out from its shoulder socket, so Thirteen has joined Mirko and Aizawa as an amputee. There is no telling whether a healing quirk might be able to regenerate their limb, but it seems likely Thirteen will have to live with this injury from here on out.

This partial reveal has captured the focus of My Hero Academia fans, and many hope they will learn more about the Black Hole hero before long. She is one of the lesser-explored teachers at UA Academy, but her powers have made many curious. So if a future arc wants to explore Thirteen some more, we would not mind!


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