My Hero Academia Confirms a Major Pro Hero Death

My Hero Academia has returned to print for the new year, and that means chapter 296 is live at last. All eyes have been on the update as the Paranormal Liberation War arc has come to a close. And in its final moments, fans were informed that a major pro hero has been killed in the most tragic way possible.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for chapter 296 of My Hero Academia. Proceed with extreme caution!

If you have caught up with My Hero Academia as of now, then you know the poor hero who gave their life for justice. After lots of speculation, it was confirmed that Midnight was killed during the devastating war. The pro heroine was killed by a savage group of liberation soldiers who found Midnight following her tussle with Gigantomachia.

Readers will recall Midnight had her run-in with Gigantomachia some time ago. She joined up with Kamui Woods in an attempt to sedate the hulking beast, but she was instead hit with a critical blow that sent her flying into the forest. Using her comms, Midnight was able to give orders to Class 1-A to finish sedating Gigantomachia, but her line was disconnected abruptly. Before Midnight went silent, fans were shown a panel of the heroine lying defenseless on the ground as a group of soldiers crept behind her. It seems the ensuing fight took Midnight's life as Kirishima and his friends found the pro lifeless in chapter 296.

Midnight's death comes as a shocking blow to both fans and our heroes. The heroine might have been considered fan-service at first, but her inspiring personality and care of Class 1-A made her a fan favorite. Now, the pro is just one of many who were killed in this arc, and My Hero Academia fans aren't sure how society will bounce back from his utterly damning ordeal.


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