New My Hero Academia Chapter Sparks Traitor Talk

My Hero Academia is not always subtle about its conspiracies, but there are plenty of them which [...]

My Hero Academia is not always subtle about its conspiracies, but there are plenty of them which have left fans hanging. From Dabi's origins and beyond, creator Kohei Horikoshi is ready to keep fans guessing on some things, and it turns out the series' traitor talk has gotten even more interesting thanks to a recent chapter starring the one and only Kaminari.

And if this student turns out to be a spy, well - there is little the fandom can do to recover. There will be plenty of readers who won't accept the reality, so it might be best if Horikoshi lays off the tease all together.

For those out of the loop, chapter 263 of My Hero Academia got fans buzzing when it released over the weekend. The update began with a look at the back-up waiting to hear how the Pro Heroes are faring against the villains. It turns out that Kaminari has been brought to the frontlines, and that is where fans got a bit nervous about the student.

As you can see, Kaminari is plenty terrified to fight, and that is totally normal when villains are attacking from all sides. Midnight is there to back up the boy, but Kaminari's usual goofy self dissipates when he sees the villains face to face. His demeanor shifts to something more desperate, and fans are wondering whether Kaminari is hesitant because he's really a double agent for the baddies.

Of course, others are sticking up for Kaminari as he seems far too attached to his classmates to be a double agent. In fact, Kaminari is prompted to join the battle when Midnight asks the boy to think of the person who matters most to him... and that appears to be Jiro. All romance aside, it seems like Horikoshi is jerking fans around when it comes to Kaminari, but My Hero Academia fans are holding out good hope the buzzy boy is as righteous as they come.

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