My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission Reveals Its Setting

My Hero Academia is moving into a new section of its fifth season, and the new arc promises to [...]

My Hero Academia is moving into a new section of its fifth season, and the new arc promises to test Izuku in new ways. As you can imagine, the hero has a lot on his plate right now, and more will be added this fall when its new movie goes live this fall. Now, fans have found out more about My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, and it seems its timeline has been decided upon.

The update came recently when My Hero Academia held a special online event for fans. The Japanese panel was quickly translated into English, and Twitter user redandblonde420 was able to share highlights with fans. So if you were not sure when this third movie was set, it sounds like World Heroes' Mission will happen after a future season five arc.

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The arc in question is the Hero Internship arc. If you have read the My Hero Academia manga, then you know Izuku has some more training to do. When it comes time for Izuku to put his hero's license to the test, he finds himself working at Endeavor's agency to learn some major lessons. In this time, Izuku learns some important facts about the new Number One hero, and Bakugo is pushed in new ways when he joins his childhood friend for the job. With Shoto by their side, the three heroes find themselves with a lot on their plate, and this teamwork will translate to the big screen.

After all, My Hero Academia teased its new movie in the first place with this trio. The three were described as musketeers, and World Heroes' Mission has stuck with that theme. The film has highlighted the boys time and again in its trailers, so fans will get to see another Hero Internship mission thanks to this film. But after the mission is over, well - manga readers know season six is going to be a brutal one.

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