My Hero Academia Confirms That The Final Arc Will Get a New Editor

The Final Arc of My Hero Academia is underway, with fans of UA Academy waiting to see how the battle between the heroes of Class 1-A and the villainous forces of All For One will turn out. Before the Shonen series comes to an end, however, it seems that there is set to be a major change with the Editorial team for the world created by Kohei Horikoshi, with the mangaka himself commenting on the new editor that will be overlooking his work.   

Currently, the editor for My Hero Academia's latest chapters was Taguchi, the fourth editor overseeing Kohei Horikoshi's series who had previously worked on such manga as Samurai 8 and Red Hood to name a few. The new editor has been named as Imamura, having previously worked on the romantic comedy manga known as Ayakashi Triangle. While a reason wasn't given for why the change was made so late in the game, Horikoshi was sure to comment on this change in the latest Weekly Shonen Jump, seeming quite jovial about the big change during the Final Arc of the series.

On the subject of the editor change, Horikoshi had this to say for issue number 30 of Weekly Shonen Jump:

"Switching the person in charge. Tagushi-sensei, let's go to the BBQ. Imamura-Sensei nice to meet you, please take care of me."

In the latest chapters of the Final Arc of My Hero Academia, we have seen the fiery battle between Shoto Todoroki and Dabi take place, with readers currently bearing witness to the brawl between All For One and a handful of the biggest heroes, young and old, that are attempting to hold together Hero Society. With the Shonen series slated to come to an end, fans are wondering which heroes and villains will ultimately survive to see the end of Kohei Horikoshi's sprawling epic. On top of casualties, it will be interesting to see if Deku and company are able to convince any of the villains to come to the light side and if redemption would be possible for antagonists such as Shigaraki, despite the evil they've done in the past.

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Via Shonen Leaks