My Hero Academia: New Season 5 Promo Highlights Its Heroines

In just a few weeks, fans will be introduced to the next era of My Hero Academia on the small [...]

In just a few weeks, fans will be introduced to the next era of My Hero Academia on the small screen. The anime is set to go live with season five this month, and hype is reaching record highs ahead of the premiere. So far, My Hero Academia has teased fans with trailers slowly before the release, but new TV spots are beginning to crop up. And now, a new clip has gone live to drum up excitement for Classes 1-A and 1-B, but it isn't for everyone. No, this time the promo is just for the ladies we love most!

Season Four had Froppy and Uravity teaming up with Midoriya and Red Riot to battle the forces of Overhaul, the Yakuza boss who was attempting to develop a drug that would erase the Quirks of the heroes that were standing in their way. With a dart striking Lemillion and Sir Nighteye dying as a result of the conflict, the second half of the fourth season was far more light-hearted, with the students of Class 1-A performing as a part of a band for the Cultural Festival. On the other side of the coin, Class 1-B was hilariously performing a play that would have definitely gotten them into copyright trouble if it was performed in the real world.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared this new brief trailer that focuses on the female heroes of Class 1-A, and a few from Class 1-B, as they dive into a training exercise that is sure to push their Quirks to the limit as they attempt to continue their respective journeys into becoming professional crime fighters:

The second half of season five, most likely, will be a stark departure from its first, with the story focusing on the nefarious adventures of Shigaraki as he attempts to amass power by continuing his reign over the League of Villains. As manga fans know, anime audiences will get the opportunity to witness the creepy villain's origins, which are far more tragic than you might think, and lay the groundwork for an even bigger conflict for the students of UA Academy on the horizon.

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