My Hero Academia Season 5 Will Kick-Off with a Recap Episode

My Hero Academia is almost ready to step out with its new season, and fans are rightfully hyped. If you did not know, the show will make its comeback in a few weeks, and this new season promises to introduce a new side of One For All. Now, some new information has come through about season five, and it turns out this update will not be straying from tradition.

So if you thought you could escape a recap episode this time around, think again. My Hero Academia is steeped in its recap tradition, and season five will premiere with such an episode this month.

According to reports from animetv_jp, season five will being with episode 0 as a sort of recap. The premiere will go live on March 27 as planned, so audiences can look forward to the overview. Fans will be brought up to speed in the wake of season four, and the first proper episode of season five will debut on April 3.

While some fans might groan at the thought of a recap, these episodes are hugely helpful for casual audiences. My Hero Academia has a lot of episodes under foot by now, so it is easy to forget where the story is. This goes doubly if you read the manga and need a quick refresher on where the show is compared to the print. And if you really can't stand the thought of watching a recap, well - then you can start watching season five on April 3.


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