My Hero Academia Cosplay Perfectly Depicts Ochaco And Her Quirk

My Hero Academia has spent the majority of its franchise shining a spotlight on Midoriya, the heir apparent to All Might and the next designated "Symbol of Peace", though one fan has decided to take the spotlight and focus it on the one who has a crush on Deku in Ochaco. The gravity manipulating hero known as Uravity has been a staple of the series, appearing in the early days of the franchise and helping out her fellow classmates in Class 1-A at UA Academy in fighting villains, saving civilians, and doing the daily tasks of a super hero!

In Season Four, Uravity was front and center when it came to the battle against Overhaul, joining both Froppy and their sensei, Ryukyuo. The mob boss of the Yakuza within My Hero Academia found himself progressively getting stronger, using his quirk to break down and fuse himself with several of his underlings. WIth Deku going blow for blow with the main antagonist, Ochaco was attempting to stop some of the collateral damage by using her Quirk to alter the gravity of some of the falling debris that threatened to crush several heroes. Ochaco's Quirk, like many others, has a weakness and hers is unique in that it requires her to hold her breath whenever she uses it!

Instagram Cosplayer StarGirlAur shared this impressive cosplay that not only brings Ochaco to life, but also demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of her quirk that allow her to affect the gravity of any object, or person, that she comes into contact with:


What do you think of this Uravity Cosplay? Where do you see Ochaco headed for the future of My Hero Academia? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy!