My Hero Academia Cosplay Highlights Ochaco's Cheerleader Look

One My Hero Academia cosplay has highlighted Ochaco's cheerleader look! Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series has introduced fans to all sorts of heroes and villains throughout its run, and that starts with the heroes-in-training in Class 1-A. Izuku Midoriya's main class has its own fair share of fan favorites among their groups, and one of the standouts above that is most definitely Ochaco Uraraka. Fans have seen how Ochaco has become a notable hero in her own right throughout the franchise thus far, and it started out when she branched off on her own during the Sports Festival.

Ochaco Uraraka has also sported a number of different looks across My Hero Academia's run as a whole, but one of the major favorites among fans has always been her cheerleader look that debuted during the Sports Festival arc of the series when she and the other Class 1-A heroines were tricked by Mineta. Now artist @thevirtualgeisha has brought this look back to the spotlight with some great cosplay! Check it out below:

Ochaco Uraraka will be one of the many heroes that will be returning to the franchise with the fifth season of the anime coming later this Spring. Premiering March 27th, the fifth season of the series is one of the most anticipated anime releases of the year overall. It's here that fans will see all sorts of new and unexpected fights when Class 1-A is pitted against Class 1-B in a new joint training exercise to see just how much their respective classes have grown over the course of their time in the school.

The franchise will also be returning this year with its third feature film, currently aiming for a release in Japan this Summer. The title and potential story for the new feature are still unknown as of this writing, but it will likely feature Ochaco and the other heroes as they take on a new threat. But Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki are teased be at the center of it all with the first promotional materials for the new flick.

But what do you think? Where does Ochaco Uraraka rank among your favorite characters in My Hero Academia overall? What are her best moments in the series so far? What do you want to see from her in Season 5? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!